Life is a Road,
the Soul
is a Motorcycle

by Daniel Meyer, VRCC Member #13918
Includes the Chapter "Valkyrie Magic"

A Review by oZ... 4 thumbs up...

Sunday, April 6,  3:00 am 


That I'm still up. Started reading your book "Life is a Road, the Soul is a Motorcycle" earlier today. No way I was going to put it down.

Lost all track of time as I entered your wonderful, slightly haunting, very amusing, border line strange world!

I now have a full set of memories so beautifully described as to feel  like their almost mine. From a strange cat with an urge for the road to thinking of storms as having a life of there own short lived as they may be. To beautiful Valkyries found in the night by the side of the road.

I will never pull into a gas station without thinking of it as a possible crossroad where lives can intertwine and momentary interaction with people can change a life.

You've awoken the Dragon for me. I always knew there was magic in the world, you've thrown up a couple of sign posts for me, little pointer to help me find the magic, wonder and amazement all around me but most times missed.

I just went out to the garage and there I looked at my Valkyrie in a whole new way. Not just metal, rubber and technology but a living breathing beast capable of lifting me beyond the day in day out drudgery that my life can be. A beast, perhaps mythical from times pass... a fire breathing, soaring creature whom can take me beyond just locales and places in the physical but can deliver me to those magical places that can only be experienced through the union of muscle, blood, bone and machine. Places that exist somewhere between conscience and dreams, where magic really exists.

You've introduced me to a new friend I've had for years now, I just never went eyeball to headlamp with her though. Staring at my dragon for the first time to see the spirit that has been there all along. I've felt it in the joy of the curve, the thrill of accelerations and the sensation of flying on the ground. But never at 3 in the morning in a silent and cold garage with no motion at all... and there it is, an appreciation for a simple thing so well design, so good in execution that even standing still the beast is is sharing her strength with me. 

The possibilities our endless. Daniel Meyer, thank you for the introduction to my own bike, the Valkyrie. And shocking me out of the day to day stuff that dulls the sense and conspires to separate me from guide my dragon while flying on the ground.

I've read it, I've felt it, I love it, I recommend it. 
Any red blood dragon rider will be drawn into the journey that is this book, for that matter, any motorcyclist no matter what he rides will be drawn in.



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